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Punches & Dies
Inspection Kit

Punches and dies, after prolonged usage, are likely to give rise to any of the following problems in tabletting :

  • Excessive weight variation.

  • Tablet hardness variation

  • Excessive powder seepage form the lower punches / collar formation.

  • Bending of the small size punch tips caused by excessive compression pressure.

These problems, if not taken care of in due time, may cause costly breakdown, No wonder, why Die punch Inspection Kit becomes indispensable in such situations.

To correlate these specific problems with the inconsistencies in the tooling, the following parameters need to gauged with the help of this Kit :

  • Working height uniformity of all punches.

  • Punch tip to die before clearance.

  • Punch tip to die bore concentricity.

Apart from the preventive maintenance, first time comprehensive inspection program can be undertaken for the following parameters with the help of our kit :

  • Cavity depth of the punches.

  • Die outside diameter uniformity.

  • Die height uniformity.

  • Die hole GO / NO GO checking

  • Die ID to OD concentricity.

Ascertaining working height uniformity in all the punches. The holding bush may be used for making the punch remain steady at the time of measurement. While checking, ensure that the Dial point touches the lowest point the punch cavity.
Checking Working Height Uniformity in All The Punches.
The total height of the punch can be checked by keeping the punch in inverted position, supported in the holding bush and comparing it with the standard height gauge.
Checking Total Height of the Punch using Punch Inspection Kit.
Checking tip to Body concentricity of the punch.
Inspection Tool 	for Checking Tip to Body Concentricity of the Punch.
Checking Die ID to OD concentricity.
Inspection Kit Tool for Checking Die ID to OD Concentricity.
Checking Die ID to OD concentricity.
Inspection Kit Tool for Checking Die Concentricity.
Checking Die OD uniformity and comparing it with the standard Die Block.
Inspection Tool 	for Checking Die OD uniformity.
Die hole size accuracy can be checked by GO / NO GO plug gauges.
Punch tip and body diameter size can be checked with the Micrometer.
The depth of the cavity would be the difference between the total height and working height of the punch.

The Inspection Kit Includes the following :
Dial gauge compactor stand with a least count of 0.001"
Dial Gauge Compactor Stand.
Micrometer Range : 0.25 mm Least count : 0.01 mm Inspection Kit Tool for Micrometer Range.
Punch holding bushes - 2 Nos - 1 for B type of punch & other for D type of punch. Punch Holding Bushes.
Punch height gauge made to exact height of the punch = 5.260"
Punch Height Gauge Same as the Height of the Punch.
Die OD block : covers 3 standard sizes of the Die OD :
D type - 38.105 mm
B type - 30.162 mm
BB type - 24.00 mm
Die OD Block.
Magnetic V - Block
Magnetic V – Block.
Round die GO - NO GO gauges
Round die GO - NO GO gauges.
Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass.
3 Nos Die Pocket Cleaner - D/B/BB type for cleaning the die pockets in the turret of the tabletting machine.
Die Pocket Cleaner.
In Addition The Spares For Rotery Machines Allied Machinery And Other Machinery For Further Details Please Contact .. Dies & Punches Are Also Available. We Are Also Servising The Pharma Machinery.